"Structure the Documents around the Tower Life Cycle"

Numerous tower locations are used by telecom providers in various regions. Each of these locations has its unique configuration for passive infrastructure and operating expenses in terms of rent, location, fuel use, power consumption, installed equipment, etc. For the installation of their active equipment, many operators install at the same tower site and split the cost of operation among themselves.

  • Monthly payments of significant amounts of money are made by telecom firms (Telcos) to tower companies for infrastructure and energy use. This implies to massive document management that can be achieved efficiently with the SSTL document management system.
  • With the SSTL document management system you can store any type of document.
  • Standard APIs are used to process the data transfer within systems.
  • When integrated with LMS, it can be used to digitize the bulk of agreement documents. Once the documents are scanned these can be made available to the Telco companies.
  • It offers the facility of self-analysis of documents to view the difference in the documentations from month on month and based on the observed changing trends alarm generation can be done.
  • The central BPM engine integrated with document management system, helps in document approval processes to be implemented easily.


  • To keep the team coordinated, provide specified digital workflows, alerts, and review processes.
  • Place everything in one location.
  • Facilitate security and compliance.
  • Automate the approval process.

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