" Based on Domain Expertise of Tagging and Tracking 4 million assets"

The Asset Tagging & Tracking system is an independent module that works as a real time bird eye view of both the hierarchical and centralized site assets. The system is not just limited to the tower industry.

  • This System captures the movement of assets from Factory to various warehouse, sites, Repair Centers and Scrapyard with its history, time stamp and lat long details.
  • The efficient tagging system ensures that all assets are uniquely tagged for easy and quick identification. Apart from this it also helps in managing and storing asset data in a master database and enables the real time tracking of asset movements.
  • This system assists Physical Verification of Assets through QR Code capture on Mobile App which is integrated with ERP and Asset Register for Accounting and Audit Purpose.
  • System captures Parent, Child, Grand Child so on in the Asset Hierarchy and seamless movement in the relationship. It captures the history of movement of each asset in the hierarchy.
  • Each equipment is tagged with a unique identification QR code, for accurate and easy location.
  • It offers the provision for integration with the ERP system to synchronize tagging and detailed asset information.
  • Its possible to create various locations and sub locations for the assets to move seamlessly.
  • This Module can also capture the details of the assets belonging to Tower Operators to ensure accurate billing for Loading Charges.


  • Asset Register – Active and Passive Assets linked to the Location.
  • Asset Monitoring.
  • Planning Asset Movement.
  • Tracking Asset Movement.

    With a centralized and streamlined asset management system it minimizes the asset related issues and in case of falter in assets, these are monitored and operated through our efficient tracking system, thereby minimizing the need of additional resources and manpower to monitor the assets.

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