31 OCT 2022


Effectives Tower Management: A way to propagate business growth for telecom operators

The recent data boom has fueled the expansion of tower firms globally, to the point that there is now a web of millions of telecom towers worldwide serving the never-ending demands of a population that is driving up network traffic. The average individual consumes nearly 30% more data annually than they did last year, according to Ofcom's Communications Market Study 2021, and this trend is anticipated to continue as more people and machines develop requirements for data. As a result, telecom tower construction has increased significantly, particularly in populous nations like China and India.
  Moreover, the transformation of tower equipment and towercos' methods for managing it for better operational excellence and cash flow enhancement has been facilitated by technological advances in the telecom sector with new applications like IoT and the move towards fourth and fifth generation networks.
  Tower management entails providing the various teams within a towerco organization with the necessary tools and systems to oversee, organize, and enhance the regular operation of tower sites as well as making sure that the stakeholders at numerous levels of leadership are kept informed in real-time about how the different operating units are faring. Tower management is crucial for keeping tabs on operations and maintenance costs, determining the sites' real worth, and boosting ROI by taking use of unused revenue-generating potential at the tower site.

Why is tower management so important?
To ensure that everything is happening as intended, telecom tower management is necessary. In addition, towercos own capital-intensive and labor-intensive assets. As a result, inefficient maintenance of tower infrastructure and assets can dramatically increase downtime, negatively impacting MNO operations and ultimately end-user network access. This can substantially lower the customer value that towercos must offer to their tenants in in order to keep long-term lease agreements with them.
  When tower sites are not properly maintained, it can have an impact on several operators there and raise operational expenses for both towercos and MNOs. In order to provide tenants or MNOs on the property with an outstanding customer experience, tower management must adhere to SLA standards and guarantee that they receive the necessary uptime. This not only aids MNOs in providing end users with mobile connection, but it also helps towercos increase income by keeping customers. Additionally, efficient asset management is believed to extend an asset's life, resulting in higher investment yields.

Data centralization: A way to achieve effective tower management
The ultimate business objective for any towerco is to generate and maintain a consistent stream of positive cash inflow while placing a strong emphasis on quality management. In addition, they must optimize income returns on existing towers by streamlining operations and managed services while delivering value to their tenants.
  Effective tower management depends on data uniformity and consolidation, followed by management of operations and servicing. Towercos are also reevaluating the conventional towerco business model and expanding their selection of client and revenue-generating choices while maintaining a positive working relationship with landlords. In order for towercos to better understand their cost of ownership, present tower portfolio capacity, and state of affairs and use it to maximize return on investments, adopting the digital revolution would become essential as data integrity increased.

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