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Welcome to S-Square Spenta

Data & Process Maturity Through Decades of Experience.

Welcome to S-Square Spenta

Spenta Tower Management Driven by Domain Expertise

Welcome to S-Square Spenta

Data & Process Maturity Through Decades of Experience.

Welcome to S-Square Spenta

Spenta Tower Management Driven by Domain Expertise

Spenta Tower Management Platform


With our user-friendly interface, which is accessible through the web and mobile app, you can effectively manage the lifespan of your tower projects. Information may be viewed in real-time and is immediately submitted from the website for easy accessibility and management. The various products at SSTL including Landlord Management System, Asset Tagging & Tracking System, Tower Energy and Tenancy Billing, Tower Ticketing System and Business Intelligence offer solutions to all your tower management needs in a cost effective and resourceful manner. The tower management system by SSTL is a comprehensive way of managing the preventive and corrective maintenance of the towers with an automated ticketing system along with an efficient digitized documentation system.

Welcome to S-Square Spenta

Integrating Tower Management and Process Automation to propel the growth of your business. The tower management solutions offered by SSTL work as a centralized asset management system that gives you complete overview and control of your towers. The Bangalore-based Tower Infrastructure Digital platform and solutions company is a vision of pioneers with more than three decades of tower industry experience. Our team of experts offer BI Solutions harnessing the maximum potential of data modeling and data maturity to offer 360-degree insights into the tower management aspects.

Vision & Purpose

The word Spenta stands for Holiness or Doing Good to the World in jorastrian language. SSTL is formed with the vision of making field employees productive in their daily routine so that they improve the value to the employers, customers and themselves ensuring that their job is enriched and protected with enhanced salary levels. Our honest intention is that our product should not make people redundant. Rather it should make them relevant to the industry standard and to their employers by serving their customers with process reliability and reduced cost.

Our Mission

We want to bring Domain Expertise to the Software Solutions used by Telecom Tower Industry. We aim to ensure Process Reliability and Simplicity that should result in either one or more of Revenue Enhancement, Capex Reduction, Cost Improvement and Process Reliability. We strive to bring Value to the Customer, not mere software.

Our Values

Our Values guide us in our behaviours to bring Fairness in all our actions to our Customers, Employees and Partners


We strive to bring our Domain Expertise to add value to the customer beyond solving their problem.


We strive to reduce complexity to create a solution that is simpler to adopt at the field level.


We will always listen to customer with humility and always search for solution that will add value to customer.

Deliver the Promise

We strive to deliver our promise to the customer.

Our Clients

They Trust us

We fastest growing startup with clients across 6 countries & Multiple product lines. Managing approximately 20k+ towers. New products being released in every quarter.

Meet the Team

We are driven by an innovation lead team of experts who have the experience of managing the world’s largest tower company, thereby accelerating the growth of its clients.

"Facilitating telecom operators with success driven solutions
to upscale their business."